Stephen Semprevivo Startup Scholarship

Stephen Semprevivo is offering two scholarship bundles. Each bundle includes a $2,500 scholarship, 20 hours of assistance on your business plan or strategy, and two Startup books. Eligible applicants must be 16 years and older, attending a high school, college/university, or vocational school, and interested in an entrepreneurial career. 

Deadline to submit your application is April 30, 2023. Visit for more information.  

Stephen Semprevivo Startup Scholarship Application

If you are like many entrepreneurs you have a lot of ideas of industries, products or services you would like to create a business around. Describe where you are headed and why.
The life of an entrepreneur is not easy or glamorous but it can be fun. It requires resilience, grit, hard work and a little luck to be successful. Tell us what distinguishes you and why you feel you will be successful.
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