SkillPointe Foundation

SkillPointe Foundation $1,000 Scholarship for Technical/Vocational Training

The SkillPointe Foundation is awarding multiple $1,000 scholarships every month for individuals pursuing technical/vocational training in construction, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, transportation and other fields.

The SkillPointe Foundation’s mission is to ensure everyone has access to training to become a skills-based professional. This scholarship is open to everyone 17 years of age or older, of any ethnicity and educational background. U.S. citizens or legal residents, whose course of study or training program includes technical school, vocational school or community college, are encouraged to apply. This scholarship is exclusively for individuals wishing to gain a certificate, credential or 2 year degree. 

A minimum of two (2) new winners will be chosen every month to receive a $1,000 scholarship. Application deadline is the last day of every month and winners will be notified approximately 6 weeks from entry.

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