Why Consider Scholarship Management Services?

 MyScholarship.App is a scholarship management service owned and operated by EducationDynamics. EducationDynamics has been in the education industry for over 20 years. We own and operate multiple higher education websites which get more than 2 million visits per month. We are proud to offer scholarship management services to companies of all sizes. We are able to relieve your internal administrative burden and ensure that students are aware of your award.

Our scholarship management services are 100% customized. We work with you to create a custom program that meets your organization’s goals. This includes the overall cost of the program and the speed at which we can get program a up and running. Once the program details are finalized, we can launch a new program in under two weeks. What we can offer you:


  • Defining your program objectives.
  • Ensuring your scholarship is as inclusive as possible.
  • Recommending award amounts and program duration.

Set Up & Administration

  • Designing and implementing a custom online application form with your company’s branding
  • Handling the legal terms and processes.
  • Reporting—helping to determine your key success metrics, and reporting back to you on those metrics.


  • Marketing your scholarship to the thousands of students that visit our site each month.
  • Giving you a featured promotion in our monthly email campaigns.
  • Writing custom articles about your scholarship or any topic you choose to highlight .
  • Marketing your scholarship across the expanded student audience of our parent company and sister sites.

Winner Selection & Funds Disbursement

  • Reviewing and processing applications. As a neutral third party, we will ensure that every winner is objectively selected by our scholarship committee.
  • Confirming eligibility and gathering any required documentation.
  • Tracking and disbursing the funds appropriately. Unclaimed awards? No problem. We take care of the tracking process for you. Regardless of when the award is conferred, we will disburse the funds according to the student’s needs.


Why Us: Flexibility

Big or small, we can work with you to come up with custom pricing to meet your goals.

Education Connection

Success Stories

Client: Education Connection

We are able to help various types of clients who have different scholarship goals. This scholarship is advertised on the client site, and we host the form. Ask us about our other Clients.

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